Planning a Business

It’s easier than ever to start a business! Which is great, except too many people jump into the world of entrepreneurship and start a business with very limited (if any) preparation. Before you make the leap and start a new business, you must consider your entrepreneurial potential and to evaluate the viability of your idea and your business concept. Through our accelerated small business development and skill set training programs, you will “learn by doing” and launch a company through practical business-plan assignments, business training seminars, and expert advice from a team of experienced, entrepreneurial-minded business advisors. We cover the key things you need to know before starting and operating a successful business.

Our core goal is simple and focused—to make sure you understand your business and the competitive landscape you are facing. We will crunch numbers, create projections and determine the feasibility of launching this venture before you’ve signed a lease, quit your job, or sunk your life savings into an idea. We provide a window into your likelihood of success and the means to make better decisions: how to—or even whether to—pursue that great business idea of yours. There’s a learning curve no matter what your experience is, and we’d much rather see your business start off on the right foot than struggle unnecessarily.