People Are Talking!

People really have been talking about their experiences with us!

See what our clients and business associates have had to say about their experiences working with us. OK OK, we know what you're thinking, but we couldn't possibly write these many testimonials ourselves, nor could we pay off all these people to write glowing kudos for us-we'd be broke!

“I could not ask for a better professional business advisor & mentor than Doug. He went out of his way to ensure I had all the necessary tools to enter the world of entrepreneurship with the highest understanding and chances of success. His advice has been pivotal throughout the planning process. I’ve appreciates his up-front, honest and no excuses approach to small business planning and I have always felt comfortable approaching Doug with questions or concerns throughout our time working together. I strongly recommend Doug to anyone in the early stages of starting a business. His industry knowledge, business contacts and advice will no doubt be as crucial to your success as they were for my own. Don’t start your business venture without Doug on your team!”

Rob Hanna – Owner,

“Doug took me on as a client when I had only a dream and he saw something in me that others didn't, and believed in me and kept pushing me to do more and better. He helped me see potential in myself and others. I learned more with Doug in 6 months than I have in years. He gave me vision and added to my dreams and helped see them as possible. He believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself. Doug, you have such a wealth of knowledge and experience and I love your real approach and your straight shooting. You gave me the inspiration to want to do well. I want to keep learning from you to one day be able to do the same for others. You are awesome. Thank you so much for going above and beyond.”

Ruby Langdon – Owner and Founder, CommuniRai$e

“Doug is a very driven and highly motivating individual, who has a special talent for inspiring fresh ideas and encouraging success from those around him. I am a new entrepreneur with minimal background in business, and Doug has been supportive of my vision, taking time to educate and encourage me towards my start-up goal. I was grateful to have had Doug's expertise and support from day one, and I look forward to working with him as my business grows and evolves in the years to come. Highly recommended!”

Marilyn Aston – Owner, One Leg Up Canine Company

“Doug gives a very thorough, pragmatic approach to designing and building a business from the ground up. He is the player on your team that you need and want to have, because he has the experience, knowledge and business acumen to develop and implement a successful corporate strategy. Insist on partnering with 1-Leg Up; you will be glad that you did.”

Sean Astins – Owner, Oxford Home Improvements

“Doug has been an excellent advisor for my business and mentor for me. From the development of my business plan to the ongoing growth and operation of my business Doug has provided much needed guidance and insight. He is an excellent business advisor always challenging me to do my best. Thank you, Doug, for your assistance!”

Phil Woodhouse – Owner and Managing Director, StoneHammer Brewing

"Doug was great to work with; he really helped me think about things from a different point of view and challenged me to my fullest potential to put me on the proper path for success. His knowledge and experience in building and developing businesses separates Doug from others and always approaches situations in a very honest manor. I would recommend Doug in any form of business development. "

Gian Paul Delle Donne – Owner, Around the House Property Maintenance & Landscaping

“Doug is a strategic thinker with outstanding senior experiences in corporate and entrepreneurial environments. He brings these experiences to the table with a passion for success. His marketing and sales management abilities are particularly noteworthy. I recommend his advice without reservation!”

Bill Zimmerman – President, Meriton HR Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Doug with our business advisor team at the Guelph-Wellington Business Enterprise Centre, guiding dozens of new and existing business to real success. Doug has an ability to bring laughs, common sense and levity to any situation. Doug provides a depth of various sector knowledge and quality advice to both smaller businesses starting out as well as established businesses looking to redefine themselves and get their company back on track. If you need help, I strongly encourage you to reach out to talk to Doug and get your business moving forward.”

Scott Williams – General Manager, Guelph Wellington Business Enterprise Centre

“Doug has provided excellent insights and suggestions throughout the start-up of my business. He has guided me through the process of building a strong business plan. I trust and value his opinions and recommendations as he knows what it takes to build a successful business. I would highly recommend Doug to anyone, or any business looking for a straightforward business advice and mentorship!”

Tommy Nasiopoulos - Owner and Operator, True Plumbing KW

“Doug helped bring my company launch from a perspective dream and vision, to something incredibly tangible and something we can be proud of. He has always had a sixth sense when it came to us struggling through tasks and minor roadblocks, he would rally behind us and get us going in the direction we needed. Highly recommended, and someone that should be a part of anyone's business team.”

Troy Walker - General Manager, Tidal Wave Fire Sprinkler Systems

“Doug is what I needed as a 'renewed entrepreneur'. After selling my business nearly 20 years ago and wanting to start a new one now, Doug gave me the skills and confidence to keep going even when I had doubts. For him, being an entrepreneur is like breathing and his out-of-the-box thinking is very useful. I would recommend Doug as a business advisor and/or mentor without hesitation.”

Shawna Stonehouse Managing Director, Bearstone International

“Doug has proven to be an exceptional start-up specialist for our group. He has been able to establish, build and maintain growth for new businesses through innovative yet practical business planning strategies, advisement and mentorship.”

Marios Matsias – Executive Director Guelph Business Centre / Managing Partner, 5KeyPartners

“A consummate professional who is the whole package! Exceptionally strong sales, marketing, financial, visionary, leadership & relationship development skills. I have been professionally and as a result, personally associated with Doug for many years. His ability to problem solve and not only identify but also build profitable business building strategies is uncanny. A fair but strong and confident negotiator who seeks a true win-win outcome. Doug’s sharp business acumen combined with his enthusiastic, outgoing personality makes him a pleasure to partner with and a unique ethical executive that delivers mandated results on many fronts. While it is very rare that I write a recommendation for either a friend or colleague I feel compelled to do so because Doug would truly be an extreme asset to any company fortunate enough to align with him.”

Colin Job – Owner & President, Ren's Pets Depot (past)

“Doug Daymond is a true go-getter and can successfully develop a brand from concept through execution. No task is too big for Doug. He is creative, intelligent, hard working and can deliver results on time and on budget. I like his ease with people and his collaborative work ethic. I have worked with Doug on numerous product lines in multiple product categories. He is a true entrepreneur. He is gutsy and makes things happen. He really knows how to provide outstanding customer service. Anyone that partners with Doug will have an immediate positive impact on business. That I know for sure.”

Lise Beland - Sr. Marketing & Business Development Manager, Amway Global

“Doug Daymond's proven leadership skills result in effective management not only internally within his team, but with managing customer’s expectations and deliverables. Doug’s ability to clearly identify his customers’ requirements allow for a clear project path with milestones achieved - on budget. His management style translates into repeat customers, strong supplier relationships and an effective internal team. Through my time working with Doug, I experienced a leader that developed a solid brand and carried it forward with building a North American distribution channel with a national advertising /promotion plan behind it. I would recommend Doug to any organization that is looking for and demanding dramatically improved performance and financial results.”

Jason Gorringe - Principle, Power Marketing and Sales

“Doug is a results-oriented Business Manager who delivers on plans through superior execution. Doug develops well thought through vision and plans that are aligned to the brand and business strategies. Doug is a leader with exceptional sales and marketing skills balanced with a strong financial acumen. He brings passion and a positive attitude to everything he sets forth to do."

Larry Hook - Vice President & GM, Gay Lea Foods

“I have been a business colleague of Doug’s for several years. Through various professional interactions I have found Doug to possess a unique blend of sales and marketing skills, combined with a strong financial acumen which enables him to be a very effective business development leader. I believe Doug’s core strength to be his ability to rally the troops behind a goal, and then lead them to deliver both top and bottom line results. Whether it be a existing leading national brand, or an innovative new product/market, Doug has the vision and ability to write the business plan and then execute it.”

Ken McCormack - VP Marketing, Pinty's Delicious Foods

“Doug was a working and valuable trade partner in growing the business and was always willing to provide working solutions and solid business plans in driving mutually beneficial business.”

Steve Bedford - Buyer of Office Electronics, Wal-Mart Canada

“Doug is one of the most organized, creative and financially savvy business people I have ever worked with. He is goal oriented and financially motivated. He excels in management, sales and marketing strategies. He is an outstanding individual all around.”

Carey Bay - VP Trade Marketing, Sega of America, Inc.

“Doug is an inspirational leader, mentor and visionary. His management skills are second to none. I have incorporated strategies and project management skills learned from him, into various parts of my career. A great all around business advisor and mentor to learn from!”

Mark Allice - Sales Administration Manager, Sega of Canada

“An accomplished business leader with significant understanding of the North American consumer market. Possesses diverse managerial range with strong strategic planning acumen and vision plus proven operational and leadership skills.”

Larry Ashton - General Manager/ V.P., Sega Canada

“I've known Doug Daymond for a quarter century. He's a brutally honest, very hard working, great negotiator who always demonstrates 'walking the talk' with his excellent follow up and program implementation skills. He's proven equally effective in large multinational companies and small entrepreneurial shops. PS. Well liked, great reputation”

Stan Samole - Owner & President, Fidelity Electronics

“I have found Doug to be a loyal and dedicated person who works diligently always ensuring that his performance goes above and beyond the requirements. Doug is a visionary and thrives when faced with multiple tasks or challenges. Pays excellent attention to detail, can think outside the box and has very strong strategic planning skills. Doug is positive, professional always, dedicated, well organized and reliable. He is adept to solving problems independently or in a team environment. Doug can easily collaborate with a variety of client personalities. I would definitely recommend Doug to any company looking for senior management or consultant assistance.”

Tony Di Biase - VP Business Development, Canada Pure

“Doug is a highly motivated, detailed and organized. He has a very strong entrepreneurial spirit and mindset along with strong strategic planning skills. His varied experience in sales, marketing and operations would be of great benefit to any company wanting to streamline and grow their business’ top and bottom lines.”

Earle Hammond - Owner, Team One Marketing