Small Biz "101" Seminar Series

It is frequently said that “entrepreneurs don’t know what they don’t know!” Most entrepreneurs and small businesses simply don’t understand or truly appreciate the value of foundation building business skill set training so they don’t invest in their own development. Having worked with hundreds of startups and small businesses we know differently, we know the importance of and the impact that education and training has on the confidence of an entrepreneur and the success of a business. So, we created a series of small business development seminars we call our "101" series to do our part in supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem and local communities!

We don’t believe in trade secrets. Our door is always open and our 90-minute "101" seminar series are the perfect opportunity to get a foot in as we teach you the essential skills to think about, launch and manage your small business. Ideal for all aspiring entrepreneurs, startups and small business owners!

Recently launched in Jan. '18, some of the small business development and skill set training topics offered in our 90-min. Small Biz "101" Seminar Series are listed below.

Each 90-minute "101" seminar provides a strategic overview and hands-on tools for entrepreneurs and small businesses to learn essential business management skills. Aside from our own dynamic team of a2p+ instructors, we frequently host a variety of local guest expert speakers who are also wanting to make a positive impact on the small business community.

Online registration is required in advance. We limit each seminars participation size to 12 so that we create a classroom environment designed to accommodate individualized attention so seats do fill up quickly.

Check back regularly because our portfolio of seminars will be quickly and continuously growing as a result of the vast, generous support from local business professionals, organizations and sponsors!

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Simple Steps For Starting Your Business 101: From Concept to Validation to Execution

Intro. to Digital Marketing: Leveraging free online tools to optimize your small business

Small Business Branding 101: Value(s) based branding for your business

Business Plan Essentials 101: Your Business' Roadmap to Success

Profit Warrior 101: Preparing Effective Monthly Sales and Cash Flow Forecasts

Mobile Marketing 101: Embrace the Trend, GO & BE MOBILE!

Social Media 101: Basics to Success

Chaos to Calm 101: Creating Your Business System that Works

Business Collaboration 101: The Power of Partnerships

Small Business Insurance 101: Seeing Through The Smoke & Mirrors of Insurance

Consultative Selling 101: Ask and Sell NOT Show and Tell

Buying a Small Business 101: How to Purchase an Existing Business

Pitching Your Business 101: The Big Ask

Intro. to SEO 101: Market Your Biz to Be Found Locally!

Solopreneurs 101: Alone but Not Lonely

Identity 101: Building the Foundation For Life & Business

Creating Online Content 101: Establish an Awesome Online Presence

Small Business Time Management 101: Organize or Agonize?

Financing Your Business 101: Solutions to Establish Immediate Working Capital in Your Business